To Win a Prince Interview

I’m a sucker for a good royalty romance. Rachel Hauck started it, and now I’ve found other great authors. A new favorite is Toni Shiloh. One of my favorite characters from her book In Search of a Prince was Iris Blakely, so I was thrilled to see Iris get her own book, To Win a Prince. Today I’m sharing a character interview with the fashion designer and friend of the Queen.

How are your language studies coming?

I’ve gotta admit, studying a language is so difficult when you’re trying to start a business. Fortunately I’m surrounded by native speakers and have an opportunity to practice daily.

Where does your love of fashion come from?

I can remember watching an awards show on TV with my family. The dresses and suits wowed me and I’ve been in love with fashion ever since.

What’s your favorite design so far?

I don’t think I have a favorite. Every designer at Aso is skilled and creative in a way that makes me happy for our future.

What do you miss most about life in the United States?

Food! There are some items that aren’t available here or don’t taste the same.

What’s your favorite part of your new life?

Being able to see another part of the world. I’ve always loved to travel but never got to make the change permanent.

What’s your biggest dream for the future?

His name is Ekon. 😉

Ready to read more? Check out the preorder bonus from Baker Book House! You can also learn more about the author at her blog. I’d love to know what your favorite Toni Shiloh book is!

Quick Lit: August 2022

It’s been a much busier reading month than I expected! Summer tends to slow my reading pace, but I’ve blazed through quite a few books. Maybe it was all those days of triple digit highs. It was too hot to do anything but stay inside and read. Here are my highlights from the past month.

Malicious Intent by Lynn H. Blackburn

This is such a great romantic suspense series! Blackburn perfectly combines romance with non-stop action and suspense that keeps you guessing to the very end.

The Summer We Forgot by Caroline George

It’s been a long time since a book had me so hooked that I was reading at stop lights. I’m not kidding—I couldn’t put this book down. (Obviously I did when the light turned green.) I picked this up on sale for Kindle because it met a requirement for the summer Kindle reading challenge. I’m so glad I did! The suspense in this YA novel was so good.

Wishtress by Nadine Brandes (NetGalley)

It’s appropriate for a book about tears that I shed so many while reading this book: ugly tears, happy tears, overwhelmed by the beauty of the story tears. The symbolism of this story was so powerful that sometimes I had set it aside and just absorb it all. I’ve read several of the author’s books and loved them, but this is on a whole level of writing. It’s definitely going to be one of my top books for 2022. (Thanks to NetGalley for the early copy.)

The Wonderland Trials by Sara Ella (audiobook)

For someone who really doesn’t care for Alice in Wonderland, I really love books inspired by the classic. The Wonderland Trials is such a great spin on the original story!

To Win a Prince by Toni Shiloh (launch team)

I love a good royalty romance! This was such a great follow up to In Search of a Prince! I loved Iris in that book and was so glad to get to read her story. The romance was so sweet, and the themes of forgiveness and grace and the true love of a father were so beautiful. The fashion angle was so also really good.

What have you read lately? Are any of these on your TBR list?

Quick Lit: July 2022

There’s been a surprising trend to my reading the past few months. I’ve always been primarily a fiction girl, but this year I’ve found myself reading a lot more nonfiction. I’ve read two nonfiction books in the last month and I’m in the middle of another one. Here’s what I’ve read the past month:

I Guess I Haven’t Learned That Yet by Shauna Niequist

Is there an author whose books always seem to be exactly what you need, every single time? Shauna Niequist is one of mine. We’re about the same age, so maybe that’s part of the reason, but each time she writes a book, we seem to be walking a similar road at the same time. I Guess I Haven’t Learned That Yet carries on that same tradition as she writes about life in your 40’s, health scares, kids growing up, and more. I’m so glad I was able to get a copy from our library!

When to Walk Away: Finding Freedom From Toxic People by Gary L. Thomas

This was a really emotional book for me. To my knowledge, there aren’t a lot of books on this topic, and there definitely aren’t many written from a Christian perspective. The author handles a difficult subject with love and grace.

To Love a Viking by Heather Day Gilbert and Jen Cudmore

Viking historical wasn’t a genre I’d ever thought about until Heather Day Gilbert released her novel, God’s Daughter. It was so well written and so interesting that I was hooked. I’m thrilled about this new series and I absolutely loved book one. The characters were so good, and their struggles were relatable to a modern audience.

Fallout by Carrie Stuart Parks

Carrie Stuart Parks always writes such unique characters! Fallout was no exception. The story kept me guessing. I figured out part of the mystery by the end, but there were quite a few surprises.

What did you read this month? What did you think of it?

Most Anticipated Books Releasing in the Second Half of 2022

The second half of 2022 is going to amazing for this book lover! I have so many favorite authors releasing books, plus some brand new authors I can’t wait to try. I’ll be ready for the shorter days of winter so I can devour all these.

The Wonderland Trials by Sara Ella (July)

For someone who really doesn’t care for Alice in Wonderland, I love books inspired by it, like Heartless by Marissa Meyer. I’m so excited for this book from YA author Sara Ella.

You’ll Be Mine by Rachel Hauck and Mandy Boerma (August)

Y’all know from previous posts that I absolutely adore the fictional town of Heart’s Bend, Tennessee, and I can’t wait for the newest HB book. I love this series from Sunrise Publishing! These are the perfect sweet, small town romances.

The Bride of Blackfriar’s Lane by Michelle Griep (September)

The first book of the series, The Thief of Blackfriar’s Lane, was such a fun historical fiction read! I’m looking forward to new adventures with these great characters.

To Win a Prince by Toni Shiloh (September)

I’m so excited to be on the launch team for this book! I get to read it early and I can’t wait. The first book, In Search of a Prince, was great. I’m a sucker for a sweet royalty romance. There’s so much meanness in the world today, and a sweet story like this is exactly what I need sometimes.

Fallout by Carrie Stuart Parks (September)

This cover is so creepy and perfect! Carrie Stuart Parks writes great suspense with unique main characters. This will perfect for a rainy fall night.

Wishtress by Nadine Brandes (September)

My boys got me hooked on Nadine Brandes’ books. When they first read Fawkes, they insisted I needed to read it, although “historic fantasy” wasn’t a genre I thought I’d enjoy. I was wrong. I was hooked! Her book Romanov was just as good. There will be a battle at our house over gets to read this one first.

The Premonition at Withers Farm by Jaime Jo Wright (October)

Jaime Jo Wright is my favorite suspense author! Her books are the perfect level of creepy with the best cast of characters. I’m on the launch team for this one, too, and I’m so excited that she released two books this year.

The Lost Melody by Joanna Davidson Politano (October)

This is another great historical novel! I love Politano’s unique, emotional stories.

The Bookshop of Secrets by Mollie Rushmeyer (October)

This debut novel from the new Love Inspired Trade line sounds amazing! I’ve read one book form this new line and if it’s any indication of what’s to come, this might become a new favorite publisher.

Within These Gilded Halls by Abigail Wilson (October)

Regency and mystery? You can’t go wrong with that combination! Abigail Wilson has become a favorite author since I read The Vanishing at Loxby Manor, then proceeded to binge everything she’s written. I’m excited for this one and was thrilled to score an early NetGalley copy.

The Blackout Book Club by Amy Lynn Green (November)

Green’s debut novel, Things We Didn’t Say, is a book I recommend to pretty much everyone. She told such a beautiful story from a unique angle. I’m excited about this one. Books about books and reading are just so perfect.

Authentically Izzy by Pepper Basham (November)

Once again, books about books and reading are the best! From the description, this sounds like it’s along the lines of Sarah Monzon’s Booknerds and Boyfriends series, which I loved. I got approved for a NetGalley copy of this and I’m so excited to read it!

All the Lost Places by Amanda Dykes (December)

Amanda Dykes ins another author whose debut blew me away. Her books leave me feeling all the emotions and usually have me in tears at least once. They are so beautifully written!

The Sisters of Sea View by Julie Klassen (December)

Julie Klassen is one of my favorite authors. I’m reading her books in order, so I probably won’t get to this one for a while. I know it will be great, though.

Hat books are you most excited about for the rest of this year? Are any of my picks on your list?

Blog Tour: Her Darkest Secret by Jessica R. Patch

Mystery/suspense is my favorite genre of books. I fell in love with it thanks to a childhood filled with Scooby Doo, followed by every Nancy Drew, Tricia Belden, and The Three Investigators book my little hometown library held. I’m always looking for a great new suspense novel, and wow, Jessica R. Patch’s newest book delivered! Her Darkest Secret is non stop and will keep you turning pages as fast as you can. Here’s a sneak peak of Her Darkest Secret—then keep reading to learn more about the book and enter the giveaway!

Ty reentered. “It’s done. Death investigator is on her way. Apparently she’s been busy this morning. You want me to come with to interview the husband? You know it’s always the husband.”

“How could it be this time? The feather in her hand.”

Ty shrugged. “I just think you spend that much time with someone…you wanna kill ’em.”

Asa snorted.

“Asa, you don’t have to enlist Fiona’s help, but you owe her a courtesy call.”

Ty was right. But it would ignite a different set of fireworks. The kind that didn’t light up the night sky, but set emotional fires and burned everything to ash. “It’ll put her on a plane out here. Give me some time. It won’t hurt anything.” Asa could move past the Fourth of July, then call and inform her that he was handling things and would keep her updated.

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be enough for Fiona.

Asa was going to have to pin Scripture verses all over his townhouse, car and office to keep his temper in check and his heart guarded.

Her Darkest Secret JustRead Blog Blitz
Welcome to the Blog Tour for Her Darkest Secret by Jessica R. Patch, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Her Darkest Secret Title: Her Darkest Secret
Author: Jessica R. Patch
Publisher: Harlequin Love Inspired TRADE
Release Date: June 28, 2022
Genre: Christian, Psychological Thriller with a romance thread

When a cold-case serial killer returns, FBI special agent Fiona Kelly has one last chance to stop him before he claims the prize he’s always wanted—her.
The sight of a goose feather at a murder scene modeled after a children’s poem is enough to make FBI special agent Fiona Kelly’s blood turn to ice. Almost two decades ago, a feather was left with her sister’s body—and with every subsequent victim of the Nursery Rhyme Killer. Now he’s back. Only this time, his latest gruesome murder is a message to the only one who ever got away: Fiona.
Finding “Rhyme” is an obsession that’s fueled Fiona’s career—and destroyed her marriage to fellow FBI agent Asa Kodiak. Now Fiona and Asa have to put their past tensions aside and work together one last time. But Rhyme is watching, and catching this killer may force Fiona to reveal her biggest, darkest secret…the one only he knows.

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Jessica R. Patch

Jessica R. Patch is a Publishers Weekly bestselling author known for her dry wit, signatures twists, and complex characters. She loves reading true crime books, discussing cold cases over chips and salsa with her girlfriends, and hunting down serial killers in her romantic suspense novels and psychological thrillers.

Jessica loves to encourage and inspire people to forward living through her Patch of Hope devotions in her monthly email newsletter. You can join the Patched In community at her website:
She resides in the Memphis area with her husband, two young adult children, and her spoiled tri-color Shetland Sheepdog. Jessica is represented by Rachel Kent at Books & Such Literary Management.
CONNECT WITH JESSICA: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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