Six Months on Our Farm

Six months ago, we moved to the home we built on a few acres of land. It was an amazing but stressful process, watching our home go from an open field to our finished dream home. We were so excited to finally move in back in January! We even got to see snow. It was a big deal to us after twelve years on the Gulf Coast.

Even though the house is done, there are so many things to finish! We’re still hanging curtains and trying to find the perfect wall art for the living room. Right now I’m trying to pick out chairs for our dining room. A friend built us a gorgeous custom farmhouse dining table. I love the finished product!

One big project has been the chicken coop and run. In April, we got twelve Bielefelder chickens – eleven hens and a rooster. We’d had chickens before, but we’d only had three hens. This is our first time to raise so many and our first time to have a rooster. About a week in, we lost one of the girls. She wasn’t growing like the others and just didn’t seem to be a healthy chick. But everyone else did really well. We kept them in a big brooder my husband built. They were in my dining room for five weeks. At first it was cute, but I have to admit, I was happy to see them finally move outside. Eleven chicks can get pretty loud as they get older!

Before we even bought them, my husband and boys started working on the coop and run. They used an existing shed on our land and built the coop inside and the run outside. They’ll close in another part of the shed when we’re ready to get our quail.

We moved the chickens to their run at five weeks. They were a little nervous at first, and we had to put them in their coop at night for the first few days, but they love their home.

The girls weren’t sure if they were ready to come out quite yet.

They are now fifteen weeks old and they are so pretty. They will be considered fully grown at eighteen weeks. Bielefelders tend to start laying a bit later than average – we’ve read anywhere from seven to ten months. People who raise them say it’s worth the wait, because they lay big, chocolate colored eggs and they lay consistently. We’re expecting them to start laying somewhere from November to February. I can’t wait!

Another big project was the dock for our little pond. My husband and youngest son built it. We’re planning to stock our pond soon, so the dock will be the perfect fishing spot.

We have several projects planned for the next few months. We’re going to plant our landscaping bushes this fall. Our big goal for spring is pigs, so my husband and boys are planning how to build our pig pen. At some point we’ll get quail, too. We’re still doing research on exactly what type of quail we want.

A storm rolling in one morning in June.
A storm rolling in at sunset, looking across our neighbor’s land.

I absolutely love this place. This little farm is the fulfillment of a dream. I love watching the seasons and the weather change. Watching sunsets and watching storms roll in. I’m thankful for every moment we spend here. We still have so much to learn as we add new animals and learn the ebb and flow of life here.


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