Why I Love My Passion Planner PLUS a Discount Code

It’s been a little over a year since I first tried Passion Planner, and nine months since I switched completely to this brand. It was a big deal when I finally settled on one, because I’m so particular about planners. My life is crazy, sometimes a little unconventional, and not something that fits neatly into your typical calendar.

Now, I’m hooked – so much that I recently applied to be a Passion Planner Ambassador, and I was accepted! Today I want to share why I fell in love with this brand, plus a discount code for 10% off if you’d like to try it for yourself. Now is the perfect time to try it, since all new designs will roll out next week. For now, let me tell you what made me fall in love with Passion Planner.

1. Flexibility

As a former bullet journaler, flexibility was a must for me. I use my Passion Planner as a hybrid bullet journal. It has the structure I need for monthly and weekly planning, but still offers the flexibility to use it like a bullet journal thanks to lots of extra pages. There’s plenty of room to track things like my reading log, crochet orders, Christmas lists, and more.

The basic weekly layout offers lots of space, and the free printables available on the Passion Planner website make this space even more flexible. You can download free habits trackers, calorie and workout trackers, and so much more. You can see all the options on the downloads page.

I love having a structured weekly layout that still offers lots of free space and flexibility.

2. Options

Passion Planner has so many options, and they continue to add more. There are currently three sizes: small, medium, large. You can also choose from four formats: undated, academic, weekly, or daily. And you can choose a Sunday or Monday start date. There are different color options for each line, and they are gorgeous. You’re sure to find one you love.

One huge deciding factor for me was the start date option. A Monday start is a must for my planning. I’ve planned that way for years. My husband is a pastor, so we often have events that span a weekend. Sunday just feels like the ending to a week for our family, so the option of a Monday start was definitely a major factor.

Another big factor was the variety of sizes. I need a planner that’s large enough to hold everything but still small enough to fit in my purse. The medium is the perfect size for me.

3. Quality

My Passion Planner is without a doubt the highest quality planner I’ve ever owned. I am hard on my planners. Mine goes everywhere with me and holds pretty much my entire life within its pages. I need something durable. After nine months of daily use, mine still looks great. There’s a slight bit of wear on the corners, but that’s it. It’s impressive, especially considering I was taping pages back into the last few planners I’d used by the end of the year.

Other than some slight wear on the corners, my planner looks great after nine months of hard use.

I’m a bit of a paper and pen snob, and I love the 120 gsm paper in my planner. My Staedtler Fineliners (my favorite pens) write beautifully on this paper, and my Zebra Mildliners look amazing. Nothing bleeds through.

Interested in trying it for yourself? If you’re not quite ready to switch, print out a few days of the planner style you like (available on the downloads page) and test it out. Last year, before fully committing, I printed out the pages and used them in my bullet journal. Within a few days I knew I was switching to Passion Planner for 2020.

The new undated and academic planners have already released, and on September 17th, the new dated planners for 2021 will release. If you’re ready to try one for yourself, use the code AMANDAH10 on the Passion Planner website for 10% off your purchase. If you decide to try one out, let me know which one you get and how you like it!


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