5 Ways to Save on Books

Avid readers can never get enough books, but most of us have to work within a budget. Buying every new book by every favorite author can get expensive. Here are five easy ways I’ve found to get books without breaking the bank.

1. Use your library

While using the local library is a given for most readers, you may be missing out on everything your library offers. There is so much more than just the books at your local branch.

In addition to physical books, most libraries use apps such as Hoopla, Overdrive, and Libby. Find out which ones your local library uses and download them all. I’ve found that different books are available on different apps in our local library system. If I can’t find it on Hoopla, I may find it on Libby, or vice versa.

Ask about library sales. While this is on hold in most places due to COVID, library sales are a great way to pick up good deals while helping your local library raise money. We often stock up for our own personal collections and for our church library at these sales.

Ask about getting books from other libraries. While we live in a small town, our local library is great. Not only do they have a great selection here, but they’re part of a larger system of libraries. If they don’t have it at our branch, there’s a good chance they have at another one. It usually only take a few days to get it here.

Find out what larger libraries in your area offer. We live about thirty minutes from a larger town, just across the border in another state. They have a huge library that offers a card for $35 a year to non-residents. It’s well worth it for our family of readers to pay that and have full access to that library.

2. Tyndale Reader Rewards

Tyndale Reader Rewards is a great program that lets you earn points by taking surveys and doing other simple tasks. You can cash in those points for free physical books. It’s easy to use – my oldest son and I have both redeemed points and gotten some great books from this program.

3. Become a NetGalley reviewer

NetGalley offers advance ebook copies of soon to be released books in exchange for an honest review. Their app makes it easy to download and read books on your iPad or other device. I’ve discovered some amazing authors through reviewing books!

4. Follow book bargain sites

BookBub is my new favorite book deal website. I signed up for alerts on Christian fiction and have found books by favorite authors at great prices.

Modern Mrs. Darcy’s daily deals is another great one. While her list is more nonfiction and general market fiction, I do occasionally pick up one or two from her list.

5. Preorder from your favorite authors

I love preordering books. Publishers frequently offer an incentive for preordering. Recently one favorite author’s newest book was offered with bonuses, free shipping, and a discount for preordering. Ebooks are often offered for preorder at a much lower price than they will be at release. Plus, preorders help authors. They show the publisher that there is a demand for an author’s books.

What are your favorite ways to save on books?


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