What’s Saving My Life

I’ve read Modern Mrs. Darcy for years, and while I love her What’s Saving My Life posts, I’ve never linked up with them until now. I’m so excited to join in with a few simple things that are making my life easier right now.

Switching to a digital planner

This is something I never thought I would do. I’ve always been a paper planner…until my husband gave me an Apple Pencil for Christmas and encouraged me to try a digital planner. Since my favorite planner, Passion Planner, released their first digital version last year, I decided to try it. I’m hooked. The format is the same as their physical planner, which made the transition much easier. One month in and I love it. I can personalize this so much more than a paper planner. It also makes my purse a lot lighter.

On a side note – I love this planner so much I became an ambassador for them last year. If you want to try one, use the code AMANDA10 for a discount.

My “This Week” Pinterest board

It’s so simple I feel stupid for even listing this, but I love my simple “This Week” Pinterest board. It’s exactly what it sounds like – things for this week. If there’s a recipe I plan to make, a crochet project I want to start, or even an article I want to sit down and read when I can really focus, it goes on this board. No more scouring Pinterest for what I need.

My king size electric blanket

I’m always cold. A friend gave me an electric lap blanket about a year ago, and I love it. I was always trying to cover up with it at night, so my husband surprised me with a king size electric blanket for Christmas. I love it! It’s the perfect weight, and it has separate controls for each side.

Tazo wild sweet orange tea

I just discovered tea last year, thanks to my two teenage boys pushing me to try it. I’m still learning about it and finding what I like. I’m trying to cut down on caffeine, and I like to drink tea at night, so herbal fruit teas have become my favorite. Tazo wild sweet orange is my current favorite.

Hoopla and our library

We have a great library. While we live in a small town, our library is part of a larger network. Most of the time, if our branch doesn’t have a book, another branch in the network does. Plus, our library is in an old train station, and it’s just really cool.

It’s amazing how simple things can make life better, especially during a stressful time like we’re living in now. I’m looking forward to seeing other people’s lists!


5 thoughts on “What’s Saving My Life

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  1. A “this week” pinterest board is such a great idea!
    And hooray for your hoopla app! I wrote about the libby app in my own list of sanity savers. It has been phenomenal for getting books safely!!


  2. The idea of a THIS WEEK pinterest board is brilliant! I love it – so simple and such a small change to make a big difference.

    My list includes slippers, going to bed early, workout plans, hand warming mugs, and leaving up the holiday lights.

    Here is it if you’d like to check it out – this was such a fun process to really sit down and think about the list as well as see what others have found to be sanity saving



  3. I’m a big tea drinker too. I’ll have to try the wild sweet orange flavor.
    Thanks! Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com


  4. Ok, I’m definitely curious about the This Week Pinterest Board. So, do you keep adding stuff to it each week or make a new board each week with the date as the name? My curiosity is piqued. I have a heated mattress pad with dual controls. So I can go in and turn it on while I’m getting ready for bed and by the time I crawl in the bed is warm. Love it!


    1. Everything on my This Week board is pinned somewhere else, too. Anything I don’t need anymore just gets deleted. It’s made finding things so much easier!


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