Five Minute Friday: Sunrise

Sunrise is one of my favorite times. Especially now that we’ve living on our small farm, I’m often outside just as the first rays of sun appear on the horizon. It never fails to amaze me. I love the way the early morning sun sparkles on the dew or on the frost. I love the way sunrise looks different as the seasons change, from bright spring and summer days to the changing leaves of fall and the frost of winter. Sometimes the morning light catches a spider’s web and makes it sparkle. Other times it’s hidden by dark clouds as an early morning storm rolls in. Other times the sunrise is subtle, hidden by clouds, but the gradual end of night still comes.

Sunrise this summer as a storm rolled in

Each sunrise feels like a fresh start. It reminds of the scripture that tells us God’s mercies are new every morning. Each one is unique, a reminder that God has new things for me today. No matter how much chaos rolls around us, the sun is still going to come up with fresh grace for another day.


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  1. God’s mercies in the morning
    are fresh with new day’s start,
    and from this I am learning
    to take unto my heart
    that though the storm clouds gather,
    and though the tumours grow,
    and though Id really rather
    not have this row to hoe,
    He will be with me through the days
    to guide my steps aright,
    and for this I offer praise
    that at the end of night,
    though I’m wracked by cancer’s rising tide
    He’s walked through darkness by my side.

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    1. Andrew, your poetic replies are my favorite; this one truly touched my heart. I am praying you will always feel God’s presence, even in the shadows and darkness of your body’s battle with cancer. May you know His calm and peace each day and painful night, until that bright dawn when you reach the eternal sunrise illuminated by Jesus himself. You are in my prayers, brother Andrew.

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