Book Flight: Books Set in Bookshops and Libraries

What makes a book lover happier than a bookshop or a library? We love being surrounded by books and stories and fellow readers. It’s also the perfect setting for some of my favorite books.

If you live in the Southern U.S., a cozy bookshop and a hot drink probably sound really good right now. Our low here in Oklahoma was -6 last night. We have several inches of snow on the ground and are expecting another several inches tonight and tomorrow. Staying inside with a book is the only thing this weather is good for! Too bad we can’t really get to a bookstore right now.

If you’re snowed in and need an escape, here are my favorite books set in bookshops and libraries:

The Printed Letter Bookshop – Katherine Reay

When Madeline inherits her aunt’s beloved bookshop, the only thing she wants to do is sell the struggling store quickly. But things don’t turn out the way she planned. This is a story of friendship, the part books play in our lives, and the unexpected surprises life often has for us.

The Fifth Avenue Story Society – Rachel Hauck

I haven’t read a single Rachel Hauck book I didn’t love. This one is a bit different, but just as good. Five strangers receive mysterious invitations to the Fifth Avenue Story Society. No one knows who sent the invitations or who started this society, but they are drawn together at a library each week to share their stories. Relationships form, secrets are revealed, and their lives are changed forever by the meetings.

The Secrets of Paper and Ink – Lindsay Harrell

Sophia Barrett goes to England to visit the area her favorite author lived, and to find healing from a painful past. She finds a place to stay that comes with a requirement – help out at the bookshop attached. Ginny Rose is struggling with both the shop and her marriage. Desperate to save both, she enlists the help of her brother-in-law and Sophia. When the trio discovers a mysterious journal, they are determined to find the truth about the past. Their discoveries bring long hidden secrets to light and force them to rethink their futures.

This book is amazing on it’s own, but there are also two Christmas novellas set in the same British town: Like a Winter Snow and Like a Christmas Dream.

What are your favorite books about bookshops and libraries?


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