Bookish Pet Peeves

Every book lover has some pet peeves—the things readers (or sometimes non-readers) do that just drive us crazy. Today I’m linking up with Top Ten Tuesday to share some bookish pet peeves.

1. Folding pages instead of using a bookmark

Don’t fold the pages! There are so many cute bookmarks out there. Buy one, or several. Personally, I have several, but I also have my eye on a super cute Nessie one from Amazon right now.

2. Waiting a long time for a library hold

I’m impatient, and my Kindle has spoiled me. When I want to read a book, I want it now. When our library only has print copies and I have to wait for a physical book instead of getting it on Hoopla, I can get a little antsy. Case in point: right now I’m waiting for We Have Always Lived in the Castle to be checked back in so I can read it. It seems like a perfect October read.

3. Library patrons not turning their books in on time

Again…I’m not a patient person. And I really hate waiting.

4. Movie-based covers on books

I want to see the original cover art, not the movie version—especially since the movie is never as good as the book and characters are often miscast. Plus, the covers usually don’t match the rest of the series if they’re movie based covers. For the record—I love the original Hunger Games covers!

5. Bad covers

I know, we’re never supposed to judge a book by its cover…but I do.

6. Asking to borrow a book from me

Sorry, y’all, but I don’t loan out books unless you live under the same roof as me. I’ve just had too many bad experiences with my books never coming home.

7. Assuming that I’m “not doing anything” when I’m reading

Especially when I’m really wrapped up in a really good book…

8. Spoilers

I’ll admit, sometimes I am that person who reads the ending first because I need to emotionally prepare myself for the book. But in most cases, I don’t want to hear spoilers.

9. Reading slumps

Reading slumps are hard. I had one a few years ago, and it was so discouraging. I finally broke it when I tried a new genre (dystopian), and I haven’t hit a slump since then.

10. Bad editing

I know a few typos sneak past even the best editors, but it really pulls me out of a story when there are multiple errors, huge mistakes with character names or descriptions, major POV errors, and other easily caught mistakes.

What about you—what are your bookish pet peeves?


4 thoughts on “Bookish Pet Peeves

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  1. I got a good chuckle out of your images for #2 and #5. I’ve definitely had those toe-tapping moments when I’m in a specific mood for a seasonal read that’s checked out. It’s the worst when there’s only one copy AND it’s overdue.

    Our county got rid of late fees when the pandemic started, and for the most part I understand that research shows removing fines increases library usage which increases funding and is ultimately a net good…but man, when a book creeps up into 5+ days overdue territory, the rage that they will experience NO consequences until it’s been *six weeks* or they have more than 20 items overdue really starts to burn.


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