Five Minute Friday: Important

Everything in life screams “important.” The meeting. The to-do list. The class. The social media stats. It’s all important and it all demands our attention every second of every day. But what really matters in life?

At the end of the day, there’s really not much that’s important. Sure, there are short term things that matter. Our jobs matter. Getting laundry done and groceries bought and getting everyone where they’re supposed to be on time—it all matters, at least in the short term. But what really matters? When we take our last breath, what’s going to be important at that moment?

Last year, I lost two friends and a high school classmate, all in their 40’s. My friends loved Jesus passionately. I had lost touch with my classmate, but from what I heard about her, she loved Him, too. Their deaths at a similar age to my own made me take a long, hard look at my own mortality and at what really matters in this life. In the end, only one thing matters: Jesus.

This year, I’m starting with a fresh focus on what’s important. I’m carving out more time to start my days with Bible study and prayer, spending time with my Father who loves me. In the end, He’s what matters, and if I build my life with Him at the center, everything else will fall into place. As my husband often says, “If Jesus is all that matters when you take your last breath, He should be all that matters when you take your next breath.”

This year I’m renewing my focus on knowing Him and on leaving a legacy for Him. I want to build my life around Jesus, and I want others to see Him in me. I want to point people to Him, to his love and grace and mercy. And one day, when I take my final breath in this life, I want to be ready to meet Jesus, because I set my mind to the only thing that’s really important.


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  1. Amanda, I am so sorry for your losses. If this past year has brought any lessons to us all it is that life is precious. It has also taught me how deeply dependent upon the Lord I truly am. “If Jesus is all that matters when you take your last breath, He should be all that matters when you take your next breath.” Amen!


  2. I’m so sorry for the losses you had, but you’re right that the gift from much grief is often the wisdom of numbering our days. God is faithful to use every hard trial and I’m am praying for Him to comfort and encourage your own heart even now. Thank you for sharing your words so vulnerably.


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