My 2022 Creative Goals

I love setting goals at the beginning of a new year! A few years ago, I decided to set creative goals for myself.

1. Finish my unfinished projects

Well, my goal is to finish as many as I can, because I have a lot. Some are projects I’ve already started, like the loom knit blanket I’ve promised my oldest (and youngest, but I haven’t even started his) and the Breezy Summer Crochet Blanket that I started over the past summer. Others are project kits or patterns I’ve picked up and never even started, like the Overnight Twist Cowl from one of my last KnitCrate boxes or the rose embroidery set I bought.

2. Learn new crochet skills

I found a checklist years ago that helps you figure out your crochet skill level, and I’m using that to find what I need to learn. The skills I want to work on most this year are:

  • Working with lightweight yarn (1 or 2 weight)
  • Learning to read crochet charts
  • How to make a chainless foundation row
  • Corner to corner crochet patterns

3. Learn new crafts

Once I discovered crafting, it opened a floodgate. There are so many crafts I want to learn! I want to learn some new things this year, like:

  • Cricut Maker—my husband and boys surprised me with one for Christmas and I want to learn more about what it can do
  • Drop spindle spinning—I took part in great craft swap last year, and my swap partner gave me a drop spindle. I’m just beginning to learn how spinning works, but it’s so fun and so relaxing!

4. Write more

Writing is my passion. I’ve had five short stories published, but my dream is to write novels. I have so many ideas. This year I have one idea in particular I want to pursue—a romantic suspense novel. I have a first chapter and a basic outline. This year my goal is to finish the book.

What are your creative goals for the year? Is there a new craft you want to learn?


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