Quick Lit: March 2022

My reading time is beginning to dwindle down as the days get warmer and longer. We’ll soon add new animals to our mini farm, I’ll plant flowers and maybe a few vegetables, and I can finally start walking again when the time changes and the days get warmer. Thanks to more winter weather, though, I’ve gotten a lot of reading done in the last month. (THREE winter storms in a month—why, Oklahoma, why???) Here are the highlights from the past month of reading.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Next to the Bible, Little Women has influenced me more than any other book. Jo March made me want to be a writer. She showed me that it was okay to be a tomboy, that I could chase my dreams, that I could learn to control my temper, and so much more. I loved rereading this gorgeous edition from our local library and plan to dive into the rest of the series, which I haven’t read.

The Record Keeper by Charles Martin

I have so many feelings about this book…so much emotion. This is my fifth Charles Martin book, and I’ve accepted the fact that I will cry during every single book. It’s so worth it, though. This conclusion to the Murphy Shepherd trilogy will stay on mind for weeks and months to come. It was so powerful. This releases in July. I read an early copy through NetGalley.

The Family Garden Plan by Melissa K. Norris

This book is so helpful for a newbie gardener like me! The author breaks everything down into simple to understand instructions and suggestions. Reading it really boosted my confidence. I found it so helpful that I’m planning to buy a copy so I can continue to reference it.

In the Shadow of Croft Towers by Abigail Wilson

I’m completely addicted to historical mysteries now. After binging the entire Lady Darby series by Anna Lee Huber, I’ve moved to Abigail Wilson and am now binging her novels. Im reading another now, and she only has one more after it. Any suggestions for more historical mysteries?

The Souls of Lost Lake by Jaime Jo Wright

Jaime Jo Wright is one of those authors that automatically goes on my TBR list as soon as her book releases. I don’t even need to read the description, I just know it’s going to be good. This may very well be her best—and creepiest—book yet. Abandoned cabins, axe murderers, creepy dolls, missing people…it’s so good! It’s not out yet (another NetGalley copy) but you won’t have to wait long. It releases April 5.

What are you reading now? What you recommend to someone looking their next great book?


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