My New Planner Setup for 2020

The perfect planner is hard to find. I spent years looking for it, trying to find the perfect setup to help make sense of a chaotic and unconventional schedule. Five years ago, I discovered bullet journaling. It was the perfect system for me for five years. Until 2019 came, our year of new beginnings, and suddenly, my system wasn’t working quite as well. Drawing out my weekly layouts became too time consuming, and the format just didn’t work as well for me anymore. I needed more space to plan and track multiple schedules for our family.

I’d had my eye on the Passion Planner for quite a while. I kept seeing people post about it and even saw people mention bullet journaling in it. The more I researched it, the more I liked it. The Passion Planner website offers free PDF’s of the current planners so you can try it out before you buy it. Starting in July 2019, I used the printouts for my weekly layouts and my planning life was changed. It was exactly what I needed to track multiple schedules: mine, my husband’s, and our two boys. In many cases, the four of us are going in four different directions at any given time, and this was the perfect way to track overlapping schedules.

The new layout worked so well for me that I ordered a 2020 Passion Planner the week they went on sale. I chose the medium size with a Monday start in blush. The color is gorgeous, and a donation is given to the Malala fund for every blush planner purchased.

There are so many things I love about this planner! The Monday start was a must have for me. I’ve used a Monday start for years. Since my husband is a pastor, we have a lot of weekend events, and it just makes more sense for our planning weeks to start on Monday. The paper is thick and luxurious to write on, and I don’t have any problems with my Mildliners or Staedtler pens bleeding through. The weekly layout is perfect! It gives me plenty of space to block schedules and write lists for the day as well as for the week.

There are 40 pages in the back-half blank, half dotted. This gives me the perfect way to continue bullet journaling in a more structured planner.

I’ve added tabs from Chelsea Brown Designs on Etsy to my planner so I find things quickly.

I also love magnetic bookmarks. I’ve picked up a few sets over the years to mark important pages, trackers (like my “books read” list), and more. My favorite set by far is the Gilmore Girls four pack I found at Books-a-Million a few months ago. I also love the yarn themed ones I recently picked up at Hobby Lobby.

The back of the Passion Planner has pages for the extras I like to have: my reading log for the year, social media and blog trackers, lists, and more.

Passion Planners come in three sizes. The dated version gives you the option of Sunday or Monday start dates. There are also undated options available.

I love this planner so much that I signed up as an ambassador! If you’re interested in trying one for yourself, you can check them out at

I’d love to hear about what planner you’re using this year!


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