Rhythm: My One Word for 2020

Last year was one for the record books. Resigning our church of twelve years. Selling our house. Moving to a new state and a new church. Our oldest son graduating from high school. My husband’s gall bladder attack and surgery. Building a house. New jobs. Sickness. Emergencies. There was nothing routine or normal about 2019.

I’m a creature of habit who thrives on routine, but this year, all my routines went out the window. Moving changed everything, and I can honestly say that in almost twenty years of marriage, this was our hardest move. Physically and logistically, it was hard.

This year, we’re finding our rhythms again. We’re settling into the home we built on a piece of land that will become our small farm. We’re learning the rhythms of seasons and work and church and balance. But all these rhythms and routines are new and unfamiliar to us. We’re learning all over again.

I’m finding my rhythms again this year. Some are the same. Some are new and different. I’m struggling to find a new morning routine since the one I followed and loved for years no longer fits my lifestyle. I’m reading a lot, but I’m listening to lots of audiobooks as part of my reading life – listening while I drive to work, while I work around the house, while I crochet. The vast majority of books going onto my “read” list are thanks to the Hoopla app. Our family schedule has changed even more this year with my oldest starting college and working part time.

This whole move, this whole past year, has been about moving us out of our comfort zone. God has pointed us to new ministries, to things that stretch us and show us we’re capable of learning new roles, to new routines and new ways of doing things. With these new roles again come new rhythms. This will be a year of learning and leaning into what God has for us. I can’t wait to see what new things come from it.


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